Last Day in Lima

22 Dec

Our last day in Lima was basically spent…eating. We meant to go running, but that didn’t happen because we spent the morning trying to figure which restaurants were open on Sundays and trying to find a lavanderia (laundry). Note for anyone planning to travel to Peru – everything is closed on Sunday’s! We had an entire backpack of stinky laundry and couldn’t do any of it. Many restaurants, all laundry services, and all the little corner marts and stands (where you can pick up snacks, water, fruit) are all closed.

So, to compensate for the lack of our run, we decided to walk two miles to a famous cebichería – La Mar. In Peru, it is customary that cebicherías (ceviche restaurants) are only open for lunch. La Mar is owned by one of the most famous chefs in Peru – Gaston Acurio. We were going to go to his flagship, Gaston y Astrid, but it was like $500 – and there’s no way that was happening.


The restaurant was nice and open – and extremely busy. They had lines out the door, but we got seated within about the half hour.


Once we sat down, they served us plantain chips and three salsas. The middle one was spicy and super delicious.


As I looked around at the other tables, everyone had calamari so we started with that.


It was pretty much exactly what you would expect. Next, the waitress recommended grilled octopus.


In case you haven’t noticed yet, everything is served with potatoes here. Apparently Peru has 3,000 varieties of potatoes.

And for the reason we came here – the ceviche sampler.


The first was the Nikkei ceviche (Peruvian and Japanese). It was tuna served with soy sauce and tamarindo. It was good, but not what you think of when you think ceviche.

Next, the traditional. It’s served with lots of red onion and corn.


And the last, and definitely the best, was this one:


It was the traditional base, but served with mixed seafood and had the heat from that salsa I mentioned above. Above and beyond, the best.


Along with some pisco sours and delicious jugo fresa (strawberry juice), that was our meal. We definitely needed the two mile walk back after this one!

As I already mentioned, Miraflores is really committed to having lots of parks. We walked back along the water and the bluffs are just lined with parks and people hanging out.


Don’t ask how, but a few hours later we ventured out to eat again. This time – Japanese in San Borjas.



We just had some ramen here. I was hoping for more of that Nikkei flavor, but the restaurant was owned by a Japanese guy and was pretty standard ramen. The noodles were excellent consistency of chewiness, though. And it was full of Japanese! It’s so interesting to me that the Japanese government kicked out so many Japanese to Peru. I need to learn more of that history. But, I got a kick out of it every time I saw someone who looked Japanese but spoke perfect Spanish.


And that’s our last day in Lima! We had to wake up at 6am for our flight for Cusco the next day, so we called it a night to go home and pack!


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