Miraflores – Day 1

20 Dec

Well we arrived safe and sound to our AirBnB room on Thursday around midnight. We were exhausted so pretty much went straight to bed (after checking in with both our moms, of course). FYI – Lima is three hours ahead of San Diego.

So Day 1. Our AirBnB host told Emilio to turn on the hot water 30-45 minutes before showering. Emilio told me it was on and told me to hop in. Freezing. Cold. Water. (Connie – it was like being in Jalisco again last Christmas!!) Needless to say, I only washed the essentials. I need to appreciate hot, long showers at home more. Hot water is amazing.

Although our room itself is lacking in amenities, we are centrally located in Miraflores which is fantastic. We always appreciate being in walking distance to places we want to go. We started our day by searching for some food. We decided to walk through Parque Kennedy (Kennedy Park) on our way to a sandwich place I had read about.

The city of Miraflores does a fantastic job maintaining beautiful parks throughout the city. The funny thing about Parque Kennedy though…is that it’s full of cats.


I don’t really know the full story, but I did read that they are sterilized and generally taken care of – although I did see a few that looked a little too skinny. Mostly though, people held them in their laps and little kids chased them around the park. It was cute.

But back to the food. Our first meal was at a Peruvian sandwich shop called La Lucha Sangucheria. We shared a papaya jugo, a chicharron sandwich, and some papas fritas. I was expecting the fried chicharron, and this was not that. But, it was still good. More like pulled pork, served with good bread and some type of sweet potato mash (?) and pickled red onions.




I love papaya. Emilio thinks it tastes like feet.


Chicharron sandwich.

After lunch, we explored the area a bit more and then decided to go to the Museo Larco.


There are two things that make this museum famous:

1. It allows you to see all the artifacts that aren’t on display in their storage rooms.
2. They have one of the only collections of erotica sculpture from the Peruvians. The Spanish conquistadors ruined most of them for being too…erotic.

Why do you think we went?




We also learned some history, though. Like that after battles, the defeated were often decapitated and then their blood made into an offering for the gods. Isn’t that nice?


And with that dull ass blade? Oh my.

We also learned that gold and silver were equally adorned by the Peruvians. Gold was masculine and represented the sun; silver was feminine and represented the moon. They were often worn together. The death rituals were of major significance and often the dead were adorned in lots of jewelry and textiles.



The museum was in a little town called Pueblo Libre. When we left, we asked about another little restaurant we had read about and he guard literally told us to follow the blue line on the street to get there.


At Antigua Taberna Queirolo, we opted for Peru’s national drink – the pisco sour.


Emilio ordered some fish ceviche.


And was disappointed it wasn’t served with chips, but otherwise pretty good.

I had a rocoto relleno, which is a local Peruvian dish. It was a fairly spicy pepper and was stuffed with meat, dates, olives, and hard boiled egg. Then, covered in melted cheese and accompanied by some potatoes and some sauce. I didn’t love it, but glad I tried something local. But egg and olives? It just confused me.


After a few more pisco sours and some local beers, we took a cab back to Miraflores and that was pretty much our day!

They eat out late here and so we meant to come home, rest, and then head back out at 10:00 for dinner – but we just slept through till morning! Ha. Maybe Day 2?


2 Responses to “Miraflores – Day 1”

  1. Meg Anderson December 20, 2014 at 10:52 am #

    Make sure you eat some tequeños with your pisco sour! Also, if you tire of Peruvian cuisine, check out the Burrito Bar in Barranco.

    • dplumly December 23, 2014 at 12:10 pm #

      We had cheese and ham tequeños today!

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