All around Lima – Day 2

20 Dec

In Peru, summer has just started. It’s technically about 70 degrees each day, but it’s overcast and I constantly oscillate between being a little too warm and a little too cold.

For Day 2, we started our morning by going for a short jog. Like I already mentioned, we are in a great area in Miraflores and walked a few blocks to the bluffs where there is a paved path for runners up and down the ocean. Along the way, we stopped at Parque Amor (love park).



Sorry, but you can’t be in front of a kissing statue and not take a kissy selfie.

Along with the ridiculous number of couples making out on benches (all over the city!), there are pretty mosaic walls of broken tiles.


The walls were covered with love quotes and couples names.

After our short jog, we came home to get ready. This time, my smart boyfriend figured out the hot water and turned it on before we left so it could warm up. I had glorious, glorious hot water…for about two minutes. I am learning how to shower super fast.

We decided to go to a place in our neighborhood for lunch called Papas Grill. I ordered a small salad and Emilio ordered a plate of beef hearts, chicken hearts, and gizzards.


We’ve had all these skewers before in South East Asia, but were not that impressed here – too salty and chewy. We probably should have paid more attention to what everyone around us was ordering – a rotisserie type chicken with fries. Literally every other table had it. Oh well. Live and learn. We got some ice cream to compensate after.

We then headed out to Centro Historico, also known as City of the Kings. This place was jam packed with people – holy cow – and all Christmas shopping, eating, etc. We did some browsing in the stores and went to a restored ruined home (not sure from when).




As every other day, we stopped for a few drinks – a pisco sour, a Peru Libre, and a Machu Picchu (the brightly layered drink below).


About a ten minute walk away from Centro Historico is Barrio Chino (China Town).


There are a ton of restaurants called “Chifa” here – which is the fusion of Chinese and Peruvian. We went to San Joy Lao, which has been around since the 1920’s.


At this place, we wanted to go for the full Chifa experience – a fried guinea pig served with oyster sauce. Before you freak out, guinea pigs are pretty traditional in Peru, so we had to try it!


I would say it was pretty much like the dark meat of chicken.

Barrio Chino probably had the most jam-packed amount of people I have ever seen. It was incredibly loud and busy with people just bustling everywhere. There were tons of street vendors and the smell of grilled meats and pan dulce all over the air. And a lot less tourists. It was hard to even get a picture that fully demonstrated how busy and full this place was. It took us about 20 minutes to get a cab – and not because none were passing us by, but because every taxi and city bus was full of people and there were probably 20 buses in a row! Our taxi driver told us about 11 million people live in Lima and I seriously think I saw 8 million of them in Barrio Chino tonight. So. Many. People.



Once we finally did convince a taxi driver to pick us up, we went to Parque de la Reserva. The park is known for its fountains and lights – think Bellagio in Vegas, but an entire park of fountains and lights in every color.





This was pretty beautiful. My favorite was arch of lights and water that we could walk through.



Alright, after grabbing some dulce de leche churros, we headed back to Miraflores in a taxi and called it a day!


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