Miso Soup

20 May

Miso soup is a staple in my life. I eat it for breakfast, for lunch, for dinner — whenever. It is warm, it is delicious, and it is good for you! It also takes about 5 minutes or less to prepare. Serve it as a main dish (toss in some rice to add substance) or as accompaniment to your favorite Nihonjin meal.

– Miso paste
– Firm tofu, cubed
– Dashi

– Green onion
– Egg
– Spinach or other greens, rinsed thoroughly
– Wakame (seaweed – you can buy this dried)
– Cooked rice


1. Get a small pot and add water. Heat on high so it will start to boil by the time you add your ingredients.

2. In a small dish, whisk together the miso paste (maybe about 2 tbsp to start and then adjust the flavor as you taste the soup) and some water. Once this is well incorporated, add it to your almost-boiling water.

3. Prepare whatever ingredients you want to add to your miso soup. My favorites are: chopped tofu, lots and lots of spinach, green onion, and an egg.

4. Add your tofu first to the miso soup on the stove. Add about one spoonful of dashi. Continue to add miso paste, dashi, and even shoyu, as necessary to get the flavor right. Once the water starts to boil, turn off the heat. Words from my Obaachan: “don’t let your water boil more than once or you will ruin the flavor. As she says that to me, she always hits my arm to really reinforce the fact!

5. Once you turn off the heat, add the whisked egg and stir in the broth so it cooks. Add the spinach until it welts.

6. Serve in a bowl (I wish I had Japanese miso soup bowls! but I don’t. I have these Martha Stewart cereal bowls that I use instead) and top with chopped green onion.



I wish I wasn’t out of miso paste, otherwise I would make this right now!

The Boyfriend Rates It: 4

This is another one of those dishes I didn’t grow up eating, but when I did have it it was of the restaurant variety, so it was usually bland. This, on the other hand, has tons of flavor and is extremely savory. The spinach and green onions give it good texture and a little bite and the egg and tofu give it a good amount of protein.


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