Happy Hour: Puff Pastry with Brie and Strawberry Jam

29 Jan

I am obsessed with puff pastry appetizers. The puff pastry is so flaky and it goes so.freaking.good with brie. Plus, I love brie cheese. Always have, always will. Boyfriend isn’t as big of a fan as I am when it’s just slices of brie with crackers (which I will eat any day for dinner) but when its melty and gooey and with a flaky crust, he’ll all over it.

These are one of the simplest happy hour appetizers I have made for us. It goes something like this – cut puff pastry into squares, top with a square of brie cheese, a dollop of strawberry jam and pop in the oven. Do I need to even write directions?


However, if I were to make one change for this recipe, it would be this — I made this as single serving portions. But the jam has so much sugar that it started to caramelize (my nice way of saying slightly burn) on the bottom. It also got super sticky. Like, seriously sticky. In the next round of these appetizers, I think I would do the same concept as I do with the caramelized onion brie puff pastry and stuff the puff pastry with the round of brie and jam instead. It would come out as one dish and then you could just cut your own servings.

Ingredient List:
– One sheet of puff pastry, cut into squares
– Strawberry jam
– Brie cheese
– Cooking spray
– Muffin tin

Didn’t I already explain these? 🙂

1. Defrost your puff pastry and cut into 12 squares and place in a well-greased muffin tin (or, if you read what I wrote above, just unroll).

2. Cut the brie into bite sized pieces and top each with a dollop of strawberry jam. (again, you could also slice the brie round in half, smear strawberry jam in between the two layers and then wrap up the brie in the puff pastry).

3. Put in the oven at about 350 degrees until the puff pastry is golden brown and the brie is gooey.


4. Serve up and eat!


The Boyfriend Rates It:4
The pastry was golden and crispy, as it has been in the past. And the strawberry jam was delicious. The only things I wold recommend would be to put the jam inside the pastry and add some kind of nut….like walnuts or hazelnuts.


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