Sky City Restaurant at the Space Needle

19 Jan

Every year for Christmas, I go back to the lovely island of Whidbey to visit family and friends. Lately, since boyfriend has been accompanying me on these trips, we have been doing little tourist activities because he had never been to Washington before. We’ve done Pike Place, Ivar’s for their clam chowder (and a whole bunch of other chowder places because I am nuts for chowder), Pike Street, the gum wall, Deception Pass and kayaking, and a few other things…This time around, we decided to do the Space Needle.


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The last time I was at the Space Needle was in the 8th grade for my Pacific Northwest History class. The Space Needle is definitely a sight to see, but it’s one of those things that when you live there, you don’t really visit it. I must say, though, that looking at the Space Needle in the city skyline whenever I fly back home is a-ma-zing. And more than being a lazy Washingtonian, it is also a bit pricey (around $20) to take the glass elevator up to the top. Yet, for the boyfriend, I will do anything. 😉

Since we were already going to go up, which would cost about $40 for the elevator ride, we decided to hell with it – we’ll just eat lunch at the Sky City restaurant as well (the ticket price is included in your meal price).

To begin with, the view is absolutely amazing. There is no restaurant that has quite the view as this…



Beautiful, isn’t it?

Unfortunately, I can’t really say the same for the food. Don’t get me wrong, the food is good. But when your LUNCH bill hits $100, your food needs to be pretty dang spectacular. This food is good, but the price you pay is for the view. Anyway, we settled on two appetizers and one entree for lunch.

To start, we had the wild salmon fritters with herb remoulade ($14).


These were….eh. I think we even left an entire fritter. I hate leaving food on a plate!

We also shared a bowl of razor clam and corn chowder ($9).


This was delicious. But you know, I am obsessed with clam chowder. Toss in corn — and I am done. My one (huge) complaint of this was that it only had one razor clam in it. Really? C’mon.

And lastly, we had the Pacific Ahi Tuna Salad ($29).


This was pretty tasty. I have had lots of ahi tuna salads, and I wouldn’t say this was the best one ever (not Asian-y enough for me), but it was good. What really stood out for me on this dish was the carrots (sweet, crunchy and delicious) and the porcini mushrooms. Everything was very fresh and presented nicely, it just wasn’t exciting.

Overall? I think it’s probably worth it for the one-time experience, but not a meal that I am scrambling to return too. Extra thought on this? There is a little cafe at the top where you can eat also and have the “eat and view” experience, minus some of the luxury.



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