Beef, Basil and Green Bean Stir-Fry

16 Dec

This is a delicious dish. Make it, seriously. You’ll be so happy. It’s like basil beef from Asian restaurants (they are served at Chinese, Thai, blah blah), but this is my own version. Honestly, I made it because it was “use everything leftover in the freezer and fridge day.” The ingredient list might seem strange, but there are definitely some aspects that are optional or that you can easily adjust to suit your own taste buds. Or, you can make it just like this, and it’ll be delicious. I loved it. Boyfriend loved it. Hell, I even brought it for my lunch exchange (one of my students will bring me chilaquiles every Friday for breakfast and in exchange, I give her my lunch) and she loved it. A picky 17 year old girl who has never really ate Asian flavors except for Panda Express.

Ingredient List:
– Beef (I had these thin beef rounds I had bought awhile back in my freezer, so I used it. I think any thin slice of beef will work since you need it to cook quickly)
– Basil, 2-3 bunches
– Green beans, about a handful
– Turnip greens (optional — these were leftover in my fridge)
– Half an onion, chopped
– Serrano peppers (I used five. It was spicy. You might want to reduce if heat isn’t your thing. Also, I would typically use thai chilies for a dish like this, but hell, it’s Mexicanese. Mexican peppers and Asian flavors!)
– Shoyu, to taste
– Grated ginger (I keep ginger frozen and then get my vegetable peeler and grate a few strips when I am cooking)
– Several cloves of garlic
– A few dashes of fish sauce
– A few dashes of beer? (This is optional….read and you’ll see)
– 2-3 tbsp oyster sauce
– Vegetable oil


1. Heat a wok to medium-high to high heat with about 2 tbsp of vegetable oil. Add your chopped onion and garlic. Once they start to get a little color, add the sliced serrano peppers (or whatever pepper you are using). Using a vegetable peeler, add a few pieces of ginger. The amount of peppers and ginger is really dependent on your taste buds. I also like to use the vegetable peeler for the ginger because the boyfriend is not a huge fan of it. The larger pieces allow him to get the flavor, but pick out the actual slivers from his dish. Considerate, aren’t I?


2. Add your thinly sliced beef. Remember, the thinner, the faster it cooks.


3. Add your seasonings – shoyu, fish sauce (I use a light hand on this after Vietnam), and oyster sauce. Once the beef is done cooking, you can start tasting this seasoning and adjust as necessary. Oh, and I forgot. While the the beef is cooking, boyfriend walked into the kitchen and poured some beer into the wok. Totally un-Asian. But, it worked.

4. Once you stir this together, add your greens. I had planned to only use basil for this recipe, like the traditional basil beef. But, I had extra green beans in my fridge and leftover turnip greens. I added the green beans and turnip greens at this point. Continue to adjust your seasonings, if necessary, as the veggies cook.


5. Right at the last second, add your basil. Turn off the heat and get ready to eat!

6. Serve over a bowl of rice. Of course, with a side of miso soup.



The Boyfriend Rates It:5

This dish is spicy and Absolutely Delicious 🙂 The beef was tender and tasty, the green beans flavorful and crunchy, and the basil added just a light hint of herb-y sweetness. This is a definitely must make if you enjoy spicy savory dishes 🙂


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