Chicken Cordon Bleu (sort of)

14 Nov

The boyfriend has been asking for me to make chicken cordon bleu forever. However, have you ever tried to make this? I opted out of that and was searching for an easier version to make. I mean, it was time to make this dish for him because he ordered it one time when we were in Thailand. And really? He wanted it so bad he ordered it in Thailand – over pad thai, curry, and all the other delicious things we were eating? Sorry, boyfriend.

I found a recipe that made chicken cordon bleu manageable and decided to adapt it from there. The recipe I found is here. From this, I mainly stole the sauce recipe.

But, let’s start first with the chicken. I went to the store and bought 2 good-sized chicken breasts. I cut these in half like this:

Then I stuffed it with the traditional Swiss cheese and went untraditional, at the bf’s request, and added blue cheese and bacon. I almost wanted to put caramelized onions in them since the other day I had a veggie burger with bacon, blue cheese, and onions but the boyfriend said that was pushing it too far.

I had to use toothpicks to hold the chicken together also. I think that if/when I make this again, I would have the boyfriend pound the meat out so that it was thinner and I could close it easier.

Then, I melted some butter and mixed it with breadcrumbs. I poured this mixture on top of the chickens and then off into the ovens it went! Chicken takes a bit to cook. I think this was about 35 minutes at 350 degrees.

While this was happening, I made the sauce recipe from the blog I mentioned before. You can get the specifics there. For me, it was a bit too creamy. I had to add some lime juice to it in order add some brightness and cut all the milk/cheese flavors.

Once it was out of the oven, just pour the sauce on top and serve! It wasn’t the prettiest thing I have ever ate, but it was pretty good. I served mine with a tomato and cucumber salad.

Ingredient List:

For the chicken:
– 2 chicken breasts
– Blue cheese
– 3 strips of bacon (1 1/2 pieces each)
– Swiss cheese

– Breadcrumbs
– Melted butter

Sauce (please refer here):
– Butter
– Flour
– Milk
– Chicken bouillon
– Salt & pepper
– Dijon mustard
– Worcestershire sauce
– Parmesan cheese
– Lime/lemon juice (I added this to my version)

The Boyfriend Rates It:4/
The bacon added a good crunch and the blue cheese added that tangy pungent flavor that I love. The sauce was thick and creamy and the cucumber tomato salad added the freshness that the dish needed. Good job baby 😉


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