Squash & Kale Pasta

5 Nov

This recipe is adapted from a blog that I read here. I was looking for a different way to eat squash beside the soup that I have made twice this year already. It is fall season, and I am trying to learn how to cook with season ingredients. The blog that this recipe originally comes from has pictures that are probably a thousand times better, but you know, it’s an iPhone and I am barely learning how to cook!

To make this pasta, you need the following ingredients:

– 1 squash (any type you like)
– 2 onions
– Kale
– Garlic (2-3 cloves, depending on your garlic love)
– White wine
– Olive oil
– Salt & pepper
– Red pepper flakes
– Parmesan cheese
– Pasta

First things first, you have to roast your squash. I got two squashes from my local grocery store — one is an acorn squash and I don’t remember what the yellow one is called. (I cooked two squash because I saved one in the freezer to make into soup later)

I chopped these up in about inch size cubes, covered them in olive oil, salt, and pepper and tossed them on an aluminum lined cookie sheet. Put them in the oven at 350 degrees until soft, but not mushy — maybe 25 minutes.

The original recipe calls for real caramelized onions. I don’t have over an hour to do this. I come home from work, make dinner, eat, done. For me, I just took 2-3 onions, had the boyfriend slice them (I wear black eyeliner every day and black streaks down my face from my tears aren’t my favorite), and put them in my dutch oven with some olive oil and butter. Once they start to cook down, I add salt, pepper, and a tiny bit of sugar. The whole process takes about 30-45 minutes and during this time, I toss in some water to make sure the onions don’t burn and then toward the end, deglaze the bottom of the pot with either wine or balsamic vinegar.

At this point, you need to cook your pasta. Also, tear the kale off the stems because the stems are very tough to eat.

And, now to pull it all together…

In your skillet, heat oil and garlic. Once it starts to smell like garlic, toss in your kale, squash, caramelized onions and cooked pasta. For a little liquid, I saved a soup spoon full of the pasta water and put that in the skillet along with a few dashes of the white wine. As it cooks, season with salt and pepper. I also like to add a dash of heat to anything I cook so I included some red pepper flakes.

Then, dish out into pasta bowls, top with lots of Parmesan cheese, and serve up!

The Boyfriend Rates It:3
Good fall taste but squash is either not my favorite veggie or it was a bit under seasoned. But I did feel super healthy as I took each bite.


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