Spicy Sweet Bacon

20 Oct

This is the best bacon you will ever eat. I promise. It is that delicious. It is also the only way I will even cook bacon anymore. Plain bacon just doesn’t cut it — the only exception is when I am cooking a meal that uses bacon.

When I was in college, I was a live-in nanny. Sometimes, the dad of the family would wake up on a Sunday and cook breakfast. Both parents were excellent home cooks and excellent restaurant eaters. They are probably the reason that I like to eat gourmet food and attempt to cook at home these days. Them, and my Tia. They are the only “foodies” I knew until Top Chef shows came out and I started actually hearing the word “foodie.”

But, back to the bacon. He showed me how to make this and for that, the boyfriend is eternally grateful. When I go to the grocery store and bacon is on sale, I buy two packages, divide four pieces per plastic baggie, freeze them, and can pull these out whenever pork is calling our name.

If I were to make a large batch, I would put these in the oven since the temperature is more even and cooks the bacon slower. However, I only ever cook four slices for the boyfriend and I and cooking that in a pan is much easier.

To start, you need your bacon.

Then, for the spicy:

Cayenne pepper. As much or as little kick as you like. I also sometimes add cracked black pepper to this mix.

Next, for the sweet:

Brown sugar. Again, as much or as little as you would like it to be.

Then, without any oil in your pan since bacon has plenty of its own fat, lay your bacon slices down and cover with the cayenne pepper and black pepper first. I like to cook the bacon just a bit before I add the brown sugar because the sugar does burn quickly.

Cook your bacon on medium heat until it is almost done so that the sugar doesn’t burn and that you get a crispy piece of bacon. Right before it is ready, I turn up the heat to get that last bit of carmelization from the sugar, and because honestly, I like crispy bacon. It grosses me out when the fatty pieces are there. Too chewy.

Once the bacon is down, DO NOT put it on paper towels the way that you normally would to soak up the excess bacon grease. Remember, it is sticky sugar. And be prepared to eat your share quickly before the significant other in your life ravages it all!

Now, for you, this may seem extra crispy. However, I despise fatty chunks left over on bacon, so this is exactly what I want my bacon to look like. And it is superb. Go make some. Right now. Eat it for dinner, for breakfast, hell, eat it with ice cream for dessert. It is perfect.

The Boyfriend Rates It: 4.5 Bacon, sweet and spicy. I just like my bacon a lil less burnt.


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