Stir-fry Chicken with Basil

16 Oct

I thought that after we got back from SE Asia, I might take a rest from “Asian” food for a good week or two or month. Turns out, I lasted about two days. After the feast of carne asada fries and chorizo con huevo, I was ready again for some soy sauce flavors and good old white rice.

When we were eating street food in Thailand, there were many dishes that were as simple as some stir-fried chicken or pork with green vegetables and topped with a fried egg. I decided to try and recreate this — but in a very Americanized, limited grocery availability sort of way.

Typically, in SE Asia, chicken thigh meat is used for stir-fry because it is a bit greasier and fries up faster. However, I coupon shop and tend to buy these big bags of frozen chicken breasts. They cost like $6/bag and probably feed the boyfriend and I at least 8 meals. Obviously, in Thailand, Thai basil is used. Thai basil has a much different flavor from the sweet basil. This definitely makes the flavor less authentic, but it still tastes good. And the extra bonus is that I bought a good bag of basil from a local farmer for $2 and I was just using it whenever I could.

For this recipe, the ingredient list is ridiculously simple.
– 2 chicken breasts
– Several bunches of basil
– 3-4 cloves of garlic
– 1 medium onion, sliced
– Good handful of Thai chilies, sliced with seeds IN

(Note: green chiles are less spicy as they are young and the red chiles are spicier. Depending on your spice level, and my tolerance for heat is pretty dang high, adjust this)
– 2 eggs
– Shoyu (soy sauce)

(Note: I think in SE Asia, they would probably use fish sauce, but you know already that I am over fish sauce. Beside, fish sauce is used for the salt. Shoyu is the non-fishy version of this. Plus, I am Japanese.)
– Pinch of brown sugar
– Dash of sesame oil
– Cooking oil

Cooking this dish probably took about 5 minutes.

To start with, I took two eggs and fried them. Put aside.

Then, with bit of vegetable oil, I fried the garlic and chiles until fragrant.

Next, add the onions and cook until translucent.

As part of my new trend with waking up early, I took the two chicken breasts and poached them in the morning. This made the cooking of this meal even faster (and also why I think street food vendors use chicken thigh mean). I poached the chicken and then shredded it. Because my chicken was already cooked, I just tossed it in and added the shoyu, brown sugar, and sesame oil. Mix this together and then turn off the heat and add the basil just so it wilts.

When the flavor is where you want it, top the stir fry onto a bowl of rice and add the fried egg on top!

This served us both for dinner and lunch. And with a little Korean hot paste, I think it was a pretty good, if unauthentic, version of some Thai street good.

And, of course…

The Boyfriend Rates It: 3- Just because we just got back from the street food motherland.


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