Chiang Mai to Bangkok

7 Oct

Our trip is almost over! From Chiang Mai to Bangkok, we took an overnight train. The train left at 5pm and we didn’t arrive in Bangkok until about 8 or 9 in the morning the next day. However, the train was a pretty comfortable way to travel — and we saved a night of paying for a hotel. I think each seat cost around the $17-20 range and we were told by fellow travelers to get the lower berth for sleeping. There were chairs facing opposite each other, but when it came time to put the beds down, the lower seats became the lower berth bed and then the lower berth was pulled out from the top. If I had to redo this though, as the lower berth is slightly more expensive, we would have opted for one lower and one upper. This is just because we are cuddlers. 🙂 We just put all our luggage in one bed and slept in the other.

Emilio pretty much passed out the second we got on the train. And it’s obviously not done here, but there are curtains to provide some privacy. The train also had a restaurant and a wait staff going up and down the cabins. The best part (and this will make my dad happy)? There were sinks where I could brush my teeth at night and when we woke up. It’s just like a moving hotel!

Here is a picture of about the size of the seats. If it was possible, we could have just gotten one seat and shared this! And yes, there is Emilio’s rice paddy hat. Everyone got a kick out of this tall Mexican walking around with that hat attached to his backpack. He keeps telling me it was worth the $1 and traveling around with it everywhere because eventually, he’ll wear it when we garden.

Since we have now been traveling for 24 days and have been traveling frequently in this past year, we decided to save our best hotel for last for our “one night in Bangkok.” We have been members of and have finally earned a free night and for this night, we used it.

We stayed at the Urbana Sathorn hotel. This is business district area, so it is definitely not where the backpackers stay and not necessarily even the liveliest place. But, after all this time traveling, it’s what we were looking for — a beautiful hotel. Plus, it was within walking distance to several markets (and that means street food pictures are coming up!) and the special dinner we had been waiting for at Nahm (also coming up).

I wouldn’t normally post pictures of my hotel, but this room cost us $10 (taxes and all that nonsense) and it was way bigger than the apartment I live in and I wish I could live in it — it was so nice!

These picture aren’t doing it justice! But, it was beautiful. We just spent the afternoon in the pool and then eating on our personal food tour and at our fancy restaurant– but that’s up next!


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