Chiang Mai eats

7 Oct

Chiang Mai is in Northern Thailand and there are slight variations to the food there. We fell in love with Chiang Mai, as it’s a city but a manageable, walkable size. Unfortunately, since we decided last minute to come here – we had originally planned for five days in Bangkok but everyone we met on our travels said that was too long so we changed it to 2 nights in Chiang Mai, one night on an overnight train, and one night in Bangkok. But, back to the food…


As usual, we had some favorites. This was the healthiest, vegetable version of cashew chicken we had. It was in a cafe type setting restaurant called “the hut” and promised, and lived up to, serving large portions. Still, it cost 60 baht (two bucks!)


Another favorite – wide rice noodles with Chinese greens and chicken. Of course, it’s take away (rather than “to-go”) and only cost 30 baht. We bought it at one of the night gate markets (Chiang Mai was originally a walled city so there are now “gates”).

And then, the more interesting eats…

Like I previously said, Northern Thailand has slight variations. At this restaurant, that is literally a garage with some chairs and tables, I ordered Khao Soi. It’s Northern style green curry soup with yellow noodles, crispy fried noodles, and chicken. It was glorious. The flavor of the curry was great, and it was interesting to try it as a soup with noodles rather than over rice, the way I am accustomed to. And only 30 baht.


Khao Soi – Northern Thailand style green curry soup

The ordering of this food was a bit more complicated, though. This restaurant only served 8 dishes that had the Thai name of it and a picture. Mi mascota immediately pointed at a picture when the owner, who spoke some English, said it was northern style noodle and spicy. Done deal. And then he tried to tell us it was blood. Ooohhhh…blood cake soup. We had seen this all across Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand. We had originally learned about it when preparing for our trip by watching Andrew Zimmerman’s Bizarre Foods.

Blood cake is exactly what it sounds like. It’s blood, congealed to almost a jelly consistency. it was only 20 baht, so I told Emilio to go for it.


Unfortunately, I have no idea what this was called. But it was basically thin rice noodles with a spicy tomato-onion broth, that Emilio compared to sopa de fideo (he was always comparing food to Mexican flavors – what a mexicanese). And, of course, with chunks of blood.


Both of our dishes were served with shredded cabbage, pickeled cabbage, shallots and lime.


Ready to chow down!


And a few minutes later –


And gone!

I tried several bites and really, it was a mental thing to get over the fact that we are eating blood.

Emilio says this – the blood was tofu texture, but lighter and smoother. Also like tofu, it soaked up the flavor of the soup. It wasn’t irony or “bloody” tasting.

I mean, look at the bowl – he obviously liked it!


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  1. bernard peterov April 29, 2013 at 6:38 pm #

    It’s Andrew Zimmern’s show, not Andrew Zimmerman

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