Koh Samui

4 Oct

From Krabi, we took a bus to Surat Thani and then caught a ferry to Koh Samui. “Koh” means island. Our entire trip there was pouring rain and I was fearful my beach vacation would continue that way. However, Samui (pronounced like “cold” in Japanese), was gorgeous.


We stayed a bit out of town at the Koh Samui Resort. Initially, this place was great – a nice room and feet away from a private beach. But we had no running water – and not just hot – no water in the sink, toilet, nothing! That was pretty annoying. But by our second day, they figured it out and gave us a fruit plate in apology.

Our first night there we got there pretty late and were tired from the long day of traveling so we just hung out in the pool (where, I might add, for the first time in my life, I sat at the bottom!) and went to dinner.

At dinner, Emilio ordered this –


Shark. And NO, not shark fin or something illegal. Shark. We decided it had the consistency of fish, but the flavor of chicken. It was good, but not a brand new flavor/texture like eating tarantulas. It was 50 baht.

For our second full day, we rented a motorbike. Emilio has been wanting to do this the whole vacation but Saigon was too crazy and Cambodia and Krabi had everything in walking distance. a bike cost about 180 baht for a full 24 hours. Way cheaper than 200 baht/person taxi rides. If you can drive one, get one!



He was a little too big for the bikes. 😉 considering the scars he has on his knees from four-wheeling, I was a little hesitant about this but it was actually a great way to get around. And don’t worry, dad, he drove very safely. I, on the other hand, can’t even ride a bike so couldn’t keep the bike going straight for the life of me.

And another thing that cracked me up was how you bought gas. Apparently, this was no big deal to Emilio because you can buy gas this way in Mexico. At first, I kept thinking – what’s that yellow stuff in the Coke bottles for 40 Baht? I found out its for this –


But…let’s get to the food! Emilio doesn’t call me China gorda for nothing!

Street food here was excellent. We started with a few snacks, went for a massage, and then came back for some more!


I can’t get over fruit shakes. I have a different flavor everyday and they cost 30 baht – about a buck. This is strawberry. But papaya is amazing and the other day, Emilio had a pineapple-coconut that was oh-my-god refreshing.

For appetizers, we had food on a stick:


Hungry bear.


Octopus with hot sauce. The sauce had a great kick and flavor to go with the just-right chewy of octopus. 10 baht.


Chicken on a stick. I need to figure out this marinade. We have had it a few times and we keep trying more! 10 baht.


Livers. Eh. I have had liver before so nothing too crazy. Good flavor, not my favorite texture. Again, only 10 baht. Three things on a stick and a fruit shake for 2 bucks! Where else can you get appetizers so cheap?

Then, break for massage and walk along the water (romantic, isn’t it?) and back for some more eating…


Again, Pad Thai. Probably the best I have had. Just with tofu and egg. 30 baht.

And lastly,


Fried chicken. 50 baht. For me, its like chicken katsu but served with sweet chili sauce.

And that was the end of our eating frenzy for the night. But for about 5 bucks, I can’t think of better eating!


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