Full Moon Party

4 Oct

Emilio basically planned our trip around the infamous Full Moon Party. We planned every other visit so that we could make it to this party. From Koh Samui, we took another ferry ride to this little island where everyone was gearing up for the night.

We stayed in a great little beach bungalow. It was tucked away a bit but we could walk down to the beach where there was plenty of bars and beaches. More importantly, when I was younger, I really wanted what I considered a princess bed. In college, I made one for myself. Here, it was used to make sure we stayed safe from getting any more mosquito bites! I think I have donated my fair share of blood to the local mosquitos. Mi mascota decided this was his prince bed.


This ridiculously huge party occurs, obviously, once a month. Supposedly, it started with a group of backpackers who partied on the beaches of Koh Phangan and noticed it happened to be a full moon. Now, this party draws 10,000 to 30,000 people and is covered with backpackers, food, vendors, alcohol sold by the bucket, fire dancers, and even laughing gas stations – that I left for my dentist visits. It cost 100 baht to get in, after a 200 baht/person taxi ride (we stayed a good 30-40 minutes away). We made friends with this couple from London and mainly hung out with them for the night.


The entry bracket and our first buckets of alcohol. It was a like a 250mL bottle of vodka, coke/juice, and a thing of redbull – but redbull here is different than home….it comes like in a medicinal bottle and I have heard it still has the original recipe that the US won’t allow. Each bucket cost like 250-300 baht (just under $10).


Face and body paint….everyone got painted.


In addition to his body paint, Emilio also got a pair of glow in the dark glasses. He picked them up from the floor.



Our new friends.


This is how you got your bucket drink. For some reason, they all loved to insert the word “fucking” in their advertisements.


Seriously, a TON of people were sleeping inside this. And a bunch more were just flat out passed out all over the beach.


These lights were crazy.


There was a lot of fire here. The word “sawatdee” is the Thai greeting when you bow your head.


We stayed out till 4:30AM. I am lucky if I can get Emilio to stay up past 9:00 at home – I am telling ya, its that redbull. It was ridiculous.

And if you are planning on ever going to a full moon party, a few general tips –

1. Book your hotel early. We stayed on the opposite end of the island, which is great, but remember you have to pay 200 baht/person to get there and back.

2. Speaking of money, don’t carry a lot of stuff with you.

3. Don’t get stupid drunk so that you pass out on the beach. No bueno.

4. Don’t walk in the water. ALL the boys pee in it. A few times during the night, I turned around and literally saw a whole line of them. Girls can pay 10 baht to go to the restroom, but ocean peeing is probably cleaner.

5. Don’t get stupid drunk and get into a fight. We saw a girl who had the shit kicked out of her. When we were leaving, a German kid had bandages all over his face (there are a lot of ambulances on beach to help these dumb-dumbs). He had been beat up and robbed. Our new Portuguese friend paid his taxi ride home.

Now it’s almost time to go back home to San Diego. Who wants to bet I can’t get Emilio to stay up past midnight again till New Years Eve?


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