Thai Cooking Class

28 Sep

As we planned our trip, I already knew that eating in Thailand would be my favorite. There is still fish sauce in practically everything (my cooking class instructor said if you have cooking oil, oyster sauce, and fish sauce, you can make Thai food), but oh man, there are Thai chilies also and I love spicy!

I went to the Siam Cuisine Thai Cookery School for my cooking class. It was 1200 baht (just under $40 – and significantly higher than Vietnam and Cambodia!) for one one person, which is quite expensive, but I cooked a six course meal and the class was easily my favorite of the three I have now taken. The instructor was very informative – explaining even the little things like Thai food revolves around four tastes – salty, sour, sweet, and bitter. And we also smelled and discussed all the different produce we would be using.


For my six course meal, we cooked two at a time and then ate. This was helpful because I was ridiculously full!

The first two were what I think everyone considers a Thai classic, Pad Thai, and chicken in coconut milk soup.


Pad Thai in the works!


Tasting as I go – everyone thought I was crazy because I added five chiles! This was pretty delicious, if I do say so myself. It had chicken, mushroom, tomato, and onions simmered in coconut milk with the chiles, fish sauce, lemongrass, ginger, and chicken stock.


Completed dishes!

For the second round of eating and cooking, we made…


Mango sticky rice topped with peanuts.


Seafood salad. Not my favorite. It had prawns, squid, celery, and jelly mushrooms but the sauce was basically fish sauce, lime, chiles, and sugar.

And the last, but easily my favorite, round of eating…


Chicken with cashew nut. Delicious! Emilio’s favorite Thai dish to order (beside Pad Thai) and one that I feel he will be asking me to make quite often.

And my favorite – green curry. Making this curry paste is a lot of work. It has several ingredients and you have to grind it into a paste, which makes my weak arms very tired! I plan on making a big batch of this when I get home because it stores for months in the fridge and even longer in the freezer.


Not quite the texture yet – but I needed a break!


Thai green curry. I have tried to make this several times before and could never get it right – now I think I finally nailed it?

And you may have been asking, where is Emilio?


Here he is! He didn’t cook (really, like he ever does at home anyway). The class was a few hours so I thought he might be bored but he was camera man for all the people in the class and really, it just means he got to eat everything I cooked and get excited to eat more of it at home!

Overall, an awesome experience. I am excited to recreate Thai food at home.


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