Krabi Street Food – Again

28 Sep

Street food in Thailand has made us not like restaurants anymore. I hope that in the next three places we go, we can only eat from on the street! It’s super delicious and cheap! Plus, a Chang beer in the restaurant is 99 baht (over 3 dollars), so we have been going to the local store and buying them for 45 baht and then taking our beers and enjoying them on the street!


So much better!

So over the past few nights here in Krabi, we have tried a few more delectable items.


Pineapple fried rice – 50 baht. The girl made it quite spicy for us but the pineapple really balances it out to give that spicy-sweet combination that Emilio loves. Plus, we learned that Thai people eat pineapple after their meals to get rid of that overly full feeling – so why not eat it as you go?


Tempura prawns – 50 baht. To me, this isn’t Thai-specific (the Japanese in me totally wants to claim tempura) but the girl who served these does them right! The batter is pretty thick, but is fried to a perfect crisp and has great texture and taste. I tend to pick off batter a little when I eat, but I think Emilio was licking the crumbs from the plate he liked it so much. It was served, of course, with chili garlic sauce.

And I am about to post three pictures of the same thing, but only because it was that good..




OMG. Chicken on a stick – 50 baht. I don’t know what this meat was marinated in, but it was cooked in between a large pair of ohashi right in the grill in front of us. Amazing!

And what’s even more amazing? Street food here is probably the original good truck as we know them.


If you look at the cart carefully behind Emilio, you will notice that attached to the street food cart is a motor bike. At the end of the night, they pack all their gear into the cart and drive it away – its all attached to their bike. Ingenious!

Why can’t the States have food carts like this?!


2 Responses to “Krabi Street Food – Again”

  1. Julie September 28, 2012 at 4:36 am #

    Your trip is amazing! Loving all the pics and updates.

    • dplumly September 29, 2012 at 1:39 am #

      Thanks cousin! Hopefully it’s getting you excited for your upcoming trip. I know you are planning on Thailand, but I highly suggest Cambodia if you have the time!

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