Street food in Krabi – Part 1

26 Sep

When we first arrived in Krabi, it had been about 24 hours since we had slept in a bed or ate a real meal. We were dirty, hungry, and exhausted from long bus rides, missed connections, and people ripping us off.

After we had missed the connection to Krabi in Bangkok, we had to stay the night there. Then the terrible tiger experience – where in addition to everything I already said about that, the guide promised up and down we would be back by 7PM to catch the last train at 8PM to Krabi. When we were just sitting around and not leaving for the ride back to Bangkok, the guy swore that there were buses every hour to Krabi. Lie. We got to the bus station at 7:50 and the bus was full. We could either bus to Surat Thani (about 2-3 hours from Krabi ) or stay another night in Bangkok. We chose to get as close as we could. And this bus ride was great – comfortable ride, a/c, water bottles, muffins, and a blanket. This was just under 1000 baht for both of us (about $30). Then at 5AM, we arrived in Surat Thani and fell in another trap.

There was a guy waiting at the bus door asking where we were going. Then, he said he would take us to catch the bus to Krabi. This seemed maybe logical since there are several bus stations in Bangkok depending on the location you’re going. But, here, lies. The guy charged us 300 baht ($10) to drive us 10 minutes to a freaking tourist agency – NOT a bus station. There, there was only one rickety LOCAL bus option to Krabi. We were totally stuck. This bus ride cost us 500 baht for a three hour ride that stopped every 10-15 minutes because it was a local bus. TERRIBLE.

Lesson learned? Stay at the real bus station.

But…once we arrived in Krabi, the food made up for it all. Our first meal was inside a restaurant and cost about 600 baht. The beer here is 100 baht – that’s like 3 bucks. Waaaaaay more than 50 cent veers in Siem Reap. Oh, Cambodia.

Then, we discovered the delicious, cheap street food. OMG.


There are all kinds of things on sticks. Corn, chicken, whole fish….plus prawn tempura, spring rolls, and the yumminess continues.


We got some spring rolls. 50 baht.


Thai curry with chicken. 50 baht.


Thai iced tea. 20 baht.


And for dessert? Pancakes. Not your American pancakes though – these are made from rice flour, are super thin, and fry to a delicious crisp. This one had banana and nutella. I hope to try a different kind each night. Delicious!

Eating in Thailand rocks my socks.


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