Muay Thai

26 Sep

Muay Thai is a Thai style of fighting that is a killer workout. We trained for two hours and our bodies are gloriously sore. Muay Thai uses punching, elbowing, kneeing, and kicking (or at least that’s what I was shown so far).

Training started at 8am with a 15 minute jump rope warm up. What happened to jump rope being a recess playtime activity? I kicked ass at it in fourth grade. Now, it kicked my ass. We were both dripping in sweat five minutes in. Remind me to buy a jump rope and include it in my workouts at home.

We then did various exercises like I already mentioned — getting in the ring with the trainer and getting our hands wrapped and putting on our gloves to learn punching and elbowing, along with how to knee and kick. It was so much fun. Admittedly, all this was so new to me because I have obviously never fought before. But, the trainers knew this and were totally patient as I stumbled every time I tried to kick.



Now, though, if someone ever kicks me – watch me grab your leg and drag you around!

And look at my mascota – chingón!



Um, isn’t my boyfriend freaking sexy?


Our trainers were awesome. When I told one of them that we were from the States, he goes, “oh, America….I like Obama!” Me too, dude.

We treated ourselves to $6/hour Thai massages (which is a lot of stretching, pulling, and pressure on your muscles) and had to do a full stretch session this morning because oh boy, can we feel it!

I can’t wait to go train again tomorrow. I might even have to find a Muay Thai gym at home. It was that fun.


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