Tomb Raiding!

25 Sep

Yes, just like Angelina Jolie in that terrible movie – the boyfriend and I went tomb raiding in Angor Wat.


Angkor Wat means “the city of temples.” The Khmer people began construction in the 12th century. I am not a history buff, so you can do some reading about the temples on your own if you are that interested. For me, it was just amazing that temples of such detail, with carvings and statues everywhere, could be made. The Khmer architecture is amazing. If you look now, you can also see a lot of the restoration that is taking place. Did I mention the Japanese are renting it? There are some issues with that.


We only bought a one day pass ($20 each) but it allows you to watch the sunset and spend about two hours there the night before. Important transportation note – the tuk-tuks may try to overcharge you (the first guy tried charging us $50!!!!) but the sunset trip should only cost $4-5 and then your full day (which you need to clarify times with your driver) about $10-15 (we paid $12).




The sunset day (very cloudy so not the greatest sunset of my life)



The only doorway that Emilio fits through in SE Asia!


It’s not as obvious in this pic, but these stairs were terrifying! It was ridiculously high and the steps are from the 12th century so they are uneven and let’s admit it, I am clumsy as hell. Emilio had to hold my purse some could keep my balance and I literally crawled up on all fours and then my patient boyfriend had to hold my hand the whole way down. He thought it was like no big deal, but these stairs took some courage for me!


Crazy trees



All in all, easily one of the most amazing sights we’ve ever seen. You should probably go.

And P.S. Doesn’t Emilio look like he works in the rice fields? Dating me is slowly turning him Chino!


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