Oh, Siem Reap

25 Sep

I have to admit it. Emilio really had to convince me to come to Cambodia because I kept reading about wars on the border, random land mines ready to explode, and crazy meth heads in the back packer districts. In Phnom Phem, I even made us get a hotel out of the backpacker area (which is where we are staying in every city, by the way). But we really enjoyed PP and their nighttime Macrena dancers. But we both agreed that in Siem Reap, we fell in love. Part of this journey is thinking about possible teaching opportunities for next year, and Cambodia might be it. It’s super cheap and the people were amazingly friendly. (I guess it helps that the US hasn’t fucked the county over)

One of the best things? 50 cent beers on Pub Street. And you can pretty much eat whatever type of cuisine you want. Of course we ate Khmer Curry and spring rolls, but we also had amazing Indian food (there are a lot of Indians in Cambodia and even more in Thailand), pizza, and french fried (and no, that’s not a typo).

Even better? All this food and beer and we never spent over $7 on a meal. And if you know me and Emilio, you know these $7 are mostly beer. A cold beer is amazing when it’s sweaty hot and humid outside.

My other favorite thing was the fruit shakes. You could get dragon fruit, mango, banana – whatever you wanted – and it was pure blended fruit. No sugar added like Jamba Juice. Straight up fruit. We had several each day.

Sorry no pictures for all this – I was too busy eating and drinking!

The other thing I keep meaning to mention is the toilets. If you are traveling in SE Asia, do yourself a favor and always bring toilet paper and hand wipes. I never leave our hotel without it and you’ll hate your life if you do.

You’ll notice that Asians sit like this:


And it’s because they use these:


And notice also – you can’t flush toilet paper because the sewer system can’t handle it and you can’t flush. Not the biggest deal once you get over it, but Westerners, just be prepared.

This is not specific to Cambodia and also not the reason why I love Siem Reap, just wanted to toss it out there.

And another random thing. If you read my Angkor Wat post, you might wonder why I made a big deal about my 6’4″ boyfriend fitting through a doorway. This is why. Jajaja.



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