Cambodian Cooking Class

23 Sep

My mascota learned how to cook Cambodian food! We decided to take a cooking class as part of my efforts to prepare for my second career!

The class was just dwn the street from our hotel and was $10 a person and we each got to cook a three course meal. It started off with a trip to the market, which is nothing like shopping at Henry’s for your imported produce….

Instead, it was local farmers bringing their goods like these:


Fresh seafood


Fresh chicken feet (and all their insides as well)


And beautiful produce.

There was also a ton of spices, teas, and anything else you could need. We then returned to the restaurant and put on our chef hats!


For my meal, I made spring rolls with peanut sauce (which does NOT use peanut butter unlike all the recipes I have ever used), Khmer curry with chicken, and some couscous banana dessert. Emilio had the same dessert but he made green mango salad and spicy vegetables with chicken.

I have all the recipes so maybe I will post those when I try to recreate a Cambodian meal at home!



Spring rolls


Green mango salad


Spicy vegetables


Khmer curry

All in all, a pretty fun experience. And nice to see the boyfriend in the kitchen for once!, now he can’t tell me he doesn’t know how to chop vegetables!

The only disappointing part was we had a ton of leftovers and forgot them in our fridge!


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