The Killing Fields

20 Sep

The Killing Fields are named after the mass graves of people that were murdered during the Khmer Rouge, where Pol Pot (bastard) was seeking a “pure” race of farmers. He evacuated all city people and, under the guise of relocation, actually killed them. He lived well into his 80’s under “house arrest” with his wife and grandchildren. Justice? I think not.

This is just one of hundreds mass graves. However, most are inaccessible due to the land mines or they are uncovered deep in the jungles.

This was an extremely sobering, but important, memorial to see. Hopefully the pictures can express this better than my words.


A shrine where just a few of the skulls of those who lost their lives are remembered.




Chemicals were used to hide the smell of the murdered people in order to try to hide what was really happening.





Again, attempts to hide what was really happening.

The Cambodian genocide ended in 1979. Pol Pot was remained the recognized leader of the country for years by the international community. Some military leaders served life sentences for war crimes.

This was barely 30 years ago.


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