Phnom Penh (pronounced like pang)

20 Sep

I love being a Plumly. I was so eager to arrive in Phnom Penh, that the first thing I did was fall down the metal stairs getting off the boat. The result? A swollen ankle and a giant bruise on my ass. Thanks for the klutz gene, pops!

Mi Mascota and I then decided to walk the 4KM to our hotel (without a map) and a few hours later, almost killed each other. So we hired a tuk-tuk to drive us around the corner. Jaja.

Then my favorite part of the day – dinner. When we were doing research for this trip, we watched a lot of Andrew Zimmerman and Anthony Bourdian eating/traveling shows. In one, we saw a restaurant called Malis.


So , as seen on TV, we had…


Prawn cakes with chili-garlic sauce


Fish amok. Pure Cambodian/Khmer traditional cuisine. And…it’s basically fish mousse. I think we would have enjoyed it more if it weren’t for the bad fish sauce experiences we’ve had, we also decided to try it here, rather than a street vendor, because it seemed the safest. It wasn’t bad, but it was whipped fish….


Deep fried soft shell crab. Pretty good, except for the eyes. 😉

Overall, the fanciest meal we have had and it was about $40. It was a beautiful location though nd the service was exceptional. Our waitress was very apologetic because there was a HELLA drunk guy there, but it’s good entertainment.



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