Mekong Delta

20 Sep

Today we said farewell to Saigon. We did a 2-day Mekong Delta voyage to Phnom Penh (pronounced pang). This began with a three hour bus ride with the craziest driver ever. He sped like crazy and since the roads here aren’t in the greatest condition, it was like being on a roller coaster (but not an awesome one) because every 30 seconds or so, I would bounce out of my seat and my mascota’s head would hit the roof. Not to mention the incessant honking. OMG.

The, we got on a boat on the Mekong. The Mekong is crazy because it has floating communities – people who live on their boats and the river has become their city. Yet, they ALL had cell phones and cable antennas on their boats.




We also toured on one of these communities…where they make fish food. This was interesting also because the community is called Cham people – and they are Islamic. If you read my previous post, Emilio and I are OVER fish sauce. This didn’t help the cause. It was just rank with the smell of rotted fish. Then we watched them feed their farmed fish the fish food. They went nuts.

(I have a video of this but it won’t load….I will put on fb later)

We stopped for lunch and had chicken (cooked in fish sauce) with rice and elephant ear fish. We had about two bites each and then remembered the fish was from the Mekong. Sounds fresh and local? Until you remember that we just saw people taking baths, going to the bathroom, and dumping their trash here. Appetite gone….and still really over fish sauce. I mean really, even the chicken?


That evening, we stayed in a floating hotel in Chau Doc. Nothing that exciting, just some bed bugs.

And if you are traveling here, pack the bug spray. Emilio’s feet have got eaten alive.


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