Cu Chi Tunnels

17 Sep

The short history lesson of the Cu Chi Tunnels is that the villagers of Vietnam who were being attacked starting fighting back. In order to protect themselves, they created a three-tiered tunnel system. Then, for breathing they had little airways created down. We toured here, and decided to try a short (about half a football field) tunnel walk. Mind you, the tunnel that tourists are Allowed to walk through has been expanded for us fat Americans. And holy shit, once you got down there,it was obnoxiously hot. And pitch black. I had to bend over to get through the tunnels and Emilio had to crawl. I can’t imagine how people lived in these tunnels!


Inside one of the tunnel exits.


Emilio doesn’t fit.


Inside the tunnels. Sooooo freaking hot!!



Shooting AK-47’s. No, I don’t like guns and this doesn’t mean I think they are awesome – but hey, try anything once right?


One Response to “Cu Chi Tunnels”

  1. Connie Nuñez September 23, 2012 at 12:59 am #

    hello, there u guys still alive out there haven’t heard fro u in a couple of days more pics plz !!

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