See you in 25 days, America!

12 Sep


Emilio and I are at LAX and waiting for departure! We are on a 25 day journey that begins in Saigon, Vietnam and will end in Bangkok, Thailand. And with only this one backpack of stuff! Emilio didn’t want to pull my luggage across three countries for me! So I had to settle for basically three underwear, a straightener, and some face wash to sustain myself. We will see how it goes. He probably only convinced me because I was still in awe of my birthday gift and pretty agreeable to whatever he said.


Regardless. I am hoping to update this blog as we travel to let my friends and family know where we are, what insects we are eating, and basically that we are alive and well. My dad is already bald so he can’t afford to lose any more hair stressing about me.

As for now, I am ridiculously excited as we embark on this new adventure together (the fact that he likes to travel is definitely one of the top three reasons I date him!) I will do my best to keep everyone informed!


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